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Progress through the School

It is expected that pupils who join the school at one of the younger entry points will enjoy a full career at Saint Felix, proceeding to and through the Sixth Form and on to university.  

Occasionally it is necessary to review the case of a pupil who is about to move into Year 7 or Year 12 to be sure that it is in his or her best interests to do so.  As part of the transition into the Senior Department in Year 7, pupils  will take the 11+ Entrance Examinations in the preceding January, together with external pupils.  This gives teachers a clear view of the level of attainment across the age group.

Progress of a pupil into the Sixth Form is normally assured by a combination of appropriate behaviour, hard work and academic success at GCSE. Experience shows that graduation into the Sixth Form should present no difficulty to almost all pupils who are admitted to the school.