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Scholarships & Awards Terms & Conditions

Conditions of Award for Scholarship, Exhibition or Bursary

1. Confidentiality: This award is made between the School and the parent/s concerned and as such is confidential to these two parties. No details of this award should be disclosed to a third party. If the details become public knowledge, the School reserves the right to withdraw the award.

2. Obligations of the pupil: A pupil who is the subject of an Award is required to work hard, to contribute positively to the life of the School, to be a credit to the School and to set a good example to other pupils. These are the Purposes of the Award.

3. Obligations of the Parent/s: The parent/s are expected to support and encourage the pupil to achieve the Purposes of the Award and to uphold the aims and the good name of the School. The parents are also required to pay the balance of the account by the first day of term, unless alternative arrangements have been agreed in writing with the Bursary.

4. Withdrawal of the Award: The Award may be withdrawn by written notice sent to a parent if, in the opinion of the Governors acting in good faith, the pupil or a parent has not complied with the obligations set out at paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 above or otherwise the pupil has fallen below the required standards of conduct and progress and in the further opinion of the Governors there has been no significant improvement following consultation with a parent and/or the pupil and a written warning. Withdrawal of the Award shall take effect from the start of the following term.
Further, the Award may be withdrawn by written notice if the balance of the account remains unpaid 28 days after a written reminder has been sent to the parents.

5. Repayment events: Parents shall be required forthwith upon written notice to repay all or part of the benefits they have received under the Award in any of the following circumstances:
a) up to three terms' benefits (if received) if the pupil has engaged in serious misconduct or has been expelled or removed for reasons of misconduct by the requirement of the Head acting in good faith;
b) up to three terms' benefits (if received) in a case of the pupil being withdrawn for any reason during a school term without a term’s written notice having been given.

6. Fees in lieu of notice: For the avoidance of doubt, the benefit receivable under an Award does not apply to any term for which the School has required payment of fees in lieu of notice.

7. Terms and Conditions: These Conditions of Award take precedence over any of the School’s Terms and Conditions which are inconsistent with them but in all other respects the Terms and Conditions as amended from time to time shall apply and these Conditions of Award shall be interpreted in accordance with them.