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Art & Design

Our Mission statement is an intrinsic part of the Visual Arts Curriculum.

“Nurturing appreciation of the visual arts and artistic practice, through skilful, meaningful and thought provoking outcomes that celebrate all levels of achievement and contribute to the cultural life of the school.”

Developing Visual Literacy is at the heart of all we do in the subject here at school. The experience of the visual arts for all our pupils and students at Saint Felix is broad in scope and specific in delivery. We want students to gain a positive experience in the subject, in two and three dimensions, at all levels and to come to value the subject for its ability to enrich all aspects of our lives, through participation in learning and working with the visual language, practical subject specific skills, critical and analytical approaches, art appreciation in varying contexts and to nurture the self-discipline, enthusiasm and personal growth that contributes to high standards of achievement and enjoyment in the subject. We encourage independence of thought, an enquiring and questioning mind set and personal expression. At examination level the potential for the subject to develop career aspirations in the visual arts is explored and many students have gone on to study at degree level in illustration, Fine Art, Photography, Fashion Design, Textile Design, Architecture, Graphic Communication and Product Design to list but a few.