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The Classics department at Saint Felix understands, recognises and appreciates the significance the Classical world has on our lives today.

The architecture, philosophy and language of the ancient world, to name just a few, has moulded and shaped the modern world we live in today.

This is why the Classics department at Saint Felix believes that young people should be afforded the opportunity to understanding the multifaceted nature of the ancient world. An introduction to the ancient world, through Latin, begins in the Prep department in Year Six. Students learn core vocabulary and engage with the foundations of Latin grammar. In addition to language learning, students are able to engage with a whole host of topics from the ancient world. Students’ individual interests are the priority for the Classics department and so we offer a unique, tailored program to best suit students’ interests.

In the senior school, students continue learning Latin for the first year. This exposes students to some of the more complex grammar and vocabulary in the hopes that they will begin to recognise and understand the significant impact Latin has on the English language, as well as other modern languages. In Year 8 and 9, students are able to study either Classics or Latin. Latin, again, allows students to deepen their understanding of language as well as develop logical and methodical academic skills when dissecting the language. For those who study Classics at this point, students are expected to engage with the nuanced nature of the ancient world and begin to understand both the similarities and differences between the ancient and modern world.

GCSE and A-Level courses in both Latin and Ancient History are available at Saint Felix. This allows students two exciting avenues to better understand the ancient world. Latin allows students to explore not only the language but also texts which offer a unique insight into the Roman world. Both GCSE and A-Level Ancient History allows students to engage with the Greek and Roman worlds and the opportunity to better understand some of the most significant periods of the ancient world.

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