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Old Felicians
October 22, 2016

Once again, Erica de Courcy (Salisbury, Somerville 1943-48) organised a most enjoyable lunch on the 20 October 2016 at Ishta restaurant in Crawford Street in Central London.

We were very pleased that Fran D’Alcorn, in her new role of chair of the Old Felicians’ Club, was able join the event. The restaurant serves authentic Turkish fare and the staff are most attentive and the group were able to exchange memories of their school days and catch up on what they have done since then.

Erica’s first days at Saint Felix were spent at Hinton St. George where the school was evacuated during the last war and two more ‘evacuees’ attended the lunch – Priscilla Campbell Allen (Allen, Gardiner 1942-47) and Janet Buchanan-Smith (Lawrie, Gardiner 1942-46). Janet had travelled from Scotland for the event, both she and Priscilla have done an enormous amount for the OF Club over the years. They were joined by more recent OFs, Virginia Lynch (Raphael, Somerville 1948-51,) Caroline MacMillan (Hayward, Fawcett 1954-60) and Briony Kapoor (Lonbay, Fawcett 1962-70).