International Students

General Visa Requirements:

To enrol at our school, students must hold the appropriate immigration status. Enrolment is not possible for students with an incorrect visa within the UK. Please use the UK government’s website to verify the right visa for entry: Check UK Visa. Parents or guardians accompanying students must also have the proper status for residing in the UK during their children’s enrolment.

We strongly recommend families utilise the UK government’s website to confirm their visa requirements. Professional legal advice is recommended if needed. Contact Mr. Ben Elton at ECA Legal for such counsel:

ECA Legal

Contact: Mr. Ben Elton

Phone: +44(0)207 255 0576



Important Information for EU, EEA, and Swiss Nationals:

EU, EEA, or Swiss citizens with EU Pre-Settled or Settled Status must provide official confirmation. Those without either status require a Child Student Visa for studies at our school. Refer to UK Government guidelines:

EU Student Information:

Check if you require a visa:

Child Student Visa:

Parent of a Child Student Visa:


Students needing a Child Student Visa can obtain a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from our school. This document can be used by students to apply at the appropriate consulate. In order to ensure a smooth and efficient visa application process, we kindly request that any students or families requiring a Child Student Visa use the professional visa and immigration services provided by ECA Legal. As a regulated immigration firm based in the UK, ECA Legal is dedicated to assessing your visa documents, working closely with the school to approve the CAS assignment, and guiding you through the entire visa application process. They will act as your legal representative, preparing and submitting your child’s visa application along with the necessary supporting documents.

Kindly note that this invaluable service incurs an additional cost of £950 per student visa application. For parents seeking a Parent of a Child Student visa, there is an additional cost of £650 per application. Additionally, please be aware of the supplementary charges from UK Visas and Immigration, such as the Immigration Health Surcharge. To streamline this process, we emphasise that payments for these services are to be made directly to ECA Legal, ensuring a secure and efficient transaction. Please note that, in accordance with UK tax regulations, the legal fee will have VAT added if you reside in the UK. If you don’t reside in the UK, VAT will not be applicable.


Special Arrangement for Full Year’s Fees (3 terms):

As a token of our appreciation for your commitment to your child’s education, Inspired Learning Group has crafted a special arrangement. Families opting to pay the full year’s fees in advance (3 terms) will have the £950 visa application legal fee associated with the Child Student Visa application absorbed by Inspired Learning Group. It’s important to note that this arrangement excludes students who receive a scholarship or bursary from the school.


We look forward to welcoming your child to Saint Felix School and facilitating a smooth transition into this exciting chapter of their academic journey.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly Admissions Team, who will be happy to help.