The School Day

The School Day

Please explore the dynamic and fulfilling day that awaits our students across all areas of the school, from the engaging environments of our Reception and Prep Department to the vibrant Senior Department and the cozy world of our Boarders. Each day at Saint Felix is an adventure brimming with fun, excitement, engagement, and countless rewards.

Our commitment to holistic education ensures that every moment of the school day is academically stimulating and filled with opportunities for personal growth and enjoyment.

Activity Time
Breakfast 8.00am – 8.30am
Entry Session 8.00am – 9.00am
Morning Greeting 9.00am
Teaching Focus 1 9.15am
Tidy Up Time 9.55am
Story 10.00am
Hand Washing 10.10am
Snack 10.15am
Outdoor Learning 10.30am
Songs 11.20am
Lunch 11.30pm
Outside Play 12.30pm
Free Choice/Adult Focused Activities/Rest Time (if required) 1.30pm
Snack 3.00pm
Story Time/Nursery Rhymes 3.15pm
Collection For Term-time Only Pupils 3.30pm
Free Choice/Focused Activities/Outdoor Play 3.30pm
Teatime 5.00pm
End of Day 5.30pm – 6.00pm
Reception and Prep Department
Activity Time
Front door opened – Bronte (Reception to Year 2) 8.20am
Front door opened – Clough (Year 3 to Year 6)
Registration 8.35am
Monday: Assembly
Tuesday: Choir
Friday: Chapel
Period 1 9.00am
Period 2 9.30am
Break 10.00am
Period 3 10.15am
Period 4 10.45am
Period 5 11.15am
Period 6 11.45am
Lunch Bronte (75 minutes) 12.00pm
Lunch Clough (60 minutes) 12.15pm
ERIC time 1.15pm
Period 7 1.30pm
Period 8 2.00pm
Period 9 2.30pm
Period 10 3.00pm
Reception to Year 2: Finish 3.30pm
Year 3 to Year 6: Little tea
Tuesday: Activities 3.50pm
Friday: School finishes and buses depart 4.00pm
Monday to Thursday: School finishes 4.50pm
Buses depart 5.00pm
Senior Department
Days Department Activity Time
Weekdays Boarders Wake up 7.00am
House meetings 7.50am
Breakfast 8.00am
Leave Dining Hall for School 8.25am
All Students Registration in School 8.35am
Assembly (Monday) 8.40am
House meetings (Wednesday)
Tutor session (Tuesday and Friday)
Chapel (Thursday)
Period 1 9.00am
Period 2 9.35am
Break 10.10am
Period 3 10.25am
Period 4 11.00am
Period 5 11.35am
Period 6 12.10pm
Lunch and activities 12.45pm
Registration 1.45pm
Period 7 1.50pm
Period 8 2.25pm
Period 9 2.55pm
Period 10 3.30pm
Tea 4.00pm
Activities and Prep 4.10pm
Buses for day students depart promptly 5.00pm
(Fridays only) School finishes and buses depart 4.00pm
Boarders Supper 6.00pm
Prep (in house) 7.00pm
Lights out Year 7 and Year 8 9.00pm
Lights out Year 9 9.30pm
Lights out Year 10 and Year 11 10.00pm
House quiet after this time 10.30pm
Weekends Boarders Housekeeping activities 11.00am – 12.00pm
Free afternoon / town visit 1.00pm
Brunch 11.00am
Trip / activity (may be Saturday) Afternoon
Chapel 5.30pm
‘Social Sunday’ supper 6.00pm

* To ensure our students, of all ages, benefit from their time at school, a full review of the day/week is in progress, with results being implemented from September 2024.

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