At Saint Felix School, we believe that education extends beyond the classroom, fostering a holistic approach to our students’ development. Our extensive co-curricular activity opportunities allow every individual to explore and excel. These activities complement our academic curriculum and provide a platform for students to discover their passions, develop new skills, and create lifelong memories. Our sports provision promotes physical fitness and mental well-being while instilling teamwork, discipline, dedication, and resilience. The Forest School and Duke of Edinburgh Award connects students with the natural world, fostering environmental awareness and practical outdoor skills, while creative subjects provide a canvas for self-expression and identity, enabling students to explore their creative inclinations. Whether individual or team sports, games, performing arts, or music, our vibrant co-curricular scene empowers students to broaden their horizons and become well-rounded individuals.

Laying A Foundation

Purpose: To establish a strong foundation for holistic student development.

Throughout their time at school, students can participate in engaging activities which help them develop essential life skills, such as teamwork, leadership, communication, creativity, and problem-solving. For our youngest pupils, much of this is achieved through play and guided discovery, with pupils having opportunities to engage in more structured activities such as additional Forest School sessions and Robotics and Coding. Whatever their age, the co-curricular programme at Saint Felix School allows our students to grow intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically.

Providing Broad Experiences

Purpose: To ensure that our students are able to fully explore their passions and interests, enabling them to identify their talents.

We encourage our students to participate in a broad range of activities throughout their time at the school. Every student is unique, with their own interests and passions. A broad co-curricular programme allows students to explore and develop their talents in various areas, from arts and sports to STEM and community service. With the introduction of the Forest School into the Prep School curriculum and an expanding programme of outdoor and adventurous activities, Saint Felix students can both enjoy and benefit from the beautiful rural and coastal environment in which the school is situated.

Building Their Brand

Purpose: To elevate students’ profiles and to showcase their achievements.

By affording our students with opportunities to showcase their talents, a range of transferable skills are developed, allowing them to thrive not only during, but beyond their time at Saint Felix School. Debating, giving back to the school or local community, and performing, whether in the arts or on the sports pitch, are just some of the ways our students develop their confidence and resilience, all whilst maintaining their individuality.

Empowering Global Citizens

Purpose: To ensure our students develop a respectful and responsible relationship with, and an empathetic attitude towards, the world.

Through diverse experiences, such as trips to the Suffolk coast, museums, farms, cities and the theatre, our students gain an appreciation and understanding of the world within which they live. Our students also have the opportunity to join a range of educational and enriching overseas trips such as our recent Global Action Trip to Greece, which saw students from across the Senior school take part in a national turtle conservation programme. During their time with us, Saint Felix School students become active local and global citizens, with a desire to make the world a better place.

Whilst our students are broadening their horizons, we are working hard to prepare them for what is beyond the horizon. This academic year, we are introducing the Beyond the Horizon Programme which will be offered to our Sixth Form students and will include networking opportunities, career guidance and opportunities for our students to engage with a series of guest speakers on a range of topics.

Mr Mark Grigg

Assistant Head - Co-Curricular / Head of Sport

Mark Grigg, Assistant Head and Head of Sport and Co-curricular