Saint Felix School takes pride in its exceptional range of facilities available for hire, which encompass a diverse array of spaces catering to various needs. Our Facilities include the Chapel, Sports Complex, Silcox Theatre, Residential Houses, Gardiner Hall, and Drama Studio.

Saint Felix School’s commitment to offering these exceptional facilities for hire reflects our dedication to enriching the experiences and convenience of our broader community.

If you would like to know more about any of our facilities and their availability, please contact Garth Wray, our Head of Operations, at gwray@stfelix.co.uk


Our extraordinary Chapel is an enchanting haven of tranquillity and remarkable acoustics. Step into this special place, where a serene and contemplative atmosphere invites you to find peace and solace. With a seating capacity of up to 200 people, our Chapel is perfect for hosting musical events, assemblies, and religious ceremonies. Prepare to be impressed by the exceptional pianoforte and organ, making music examinations, rehearsals, and practices an absolute pleasure. Not just limited to music, our Chapel has been a sanctuary for groups seeking quiet spaces for reflection, prayer, and holistic well-being seminars.

This delightful space is available for hire during evenings, weekends and school holidays, all year round, giving you the perfect opportunity to experience its magic at your convenience. Embrace the allure of our Chapel and immerse yourself in the beauty of its inviting and resonant ambience.

Dining Hall

Discover our purpose-built dining hall for our 400 students and staff. Its internal wooden walls allow it to be adapted for groups of any size.

Serving our vibrant community of students and staff, our inviting Dining Hall is a testament to our commitment to providing exceptional dining experiences.

Outside term time, our Dining Hall is available for weddings, formal meals, parties, and dinner and dances. Whether you prefer a casual cafeteria setup or an elegant waiting service, our catering staff are on-hand to make your event extraordinary. With innovative built-in wooden walls, the room can effortlessly adapt to accommodate groups of various sizes.

We take pride in supporting local suppliers, ensuring our menus feature the finest meat, fresh fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. Embrace the experience of dining in this quality and versatile setting – a place to make cherished memories.

Drama Studio

During the day, our Drama Studio is alive with the rhythm of Dance and Drama lessons. Flooded with abundant natural light, our studio is the perfect space for captivating Drama, Dance and Martial Arts classes.

Beyond school hours, we offer outside groups the chance to experience this inspiring space too. Our Drama Studio is available evenings, weekends and throughout school holidays.

Gardiner Hall

Gardiner Hall is the heart of Saint Felix School.

Named after our visionary founder, Margaret Isabella Gardiner, the timeless hall, erected in 1910, stands proudly as a testament to our rich heritage.

Within its grand walls is a versatile space where excellence and elegance intertwine seamlessly. Our School breathes life into Gardiner Hall by utilizing its grandeur for Lectures and Presentations, Classical Concerts, Parents’ Evenings and Open Mornings, and as a serene study area for our students.

This majestic room recently underwent a complete refurbishment; the painted ceiling now accentuates the traditional local Pargetting plasterwork, while a bespoke carpet graces the floor, adding to its allure and warmth.

Gardiner Hall comfortably seats 100 people and has an intimate stage at each end. Its high ceiling and rows of inviting windows on each side ensure soft natural light, creating a calm, enchanting space – an ideal photography haven.

Gardiner Hall is available for hire evenings, weekends and during school holidays.


Saint Felix School’s safe, enchanting location, situated near the picturesque seaside town of Southwold and in 75 acres of countryside, makes it a perfect choice to host summer and Easter residential schools and events.

Beyond term time, our three boarding houses, Fawcett, Gardiner, and Somerville, are available to hire, catering for up to 150 occupants. Each house has a variety of single, twin, and multi-occupancy rooms, with separate showers and toilets, a kitchen, games room, television room, office, and social room.

Gardiner and Sommerville are connected and can be utilised as one very-large house or sectioned off and used to cater for different needs. Fawcett is apart from Gardiner and Sommerville, so can be used independently or as collectively.

With plenty of parking space, fields, woods, tennis courts, walks, and more, Saint Felix School’s boarding houses will satisfy all your residential hire requirements.

Silcox Theatre

The Silcox Theatre at Saint Felix School is a fitting tribute to the legacy of Lucy Mary Silcox, the school’s revered second headteacher.

With a seating capacity of 200, our Silcox Theatre embodies versatility and functionality, offering a dynamic space that accommodates creative and intellectual pursuits. This exceptional facility can be adapted to cater to diverse needs, serving as a stage for theatre productions, a cinematic canvas for film screenings, an arena for dance and fitness lessons, and a hub for conferences and seminars.

The theatre’s comprehensive amenities include state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems, complimenting quality performances and enhancing the audience’s experience. The Silcox Theatre is available to hire during evenings and weekends within term time and throughout the day during school holidays.

Our theatre exemplifies our school’s commitment to fostering a vibrant artistic and intellectual community.

Sports Complex

Saint Felix School’s outstanding sports complex demonstrates our dedication to student development and physical and mental well-being. Our facilities are also available for hire outside timetabled activities, providing an exceptional range of amenities that cater to diverse athletic interests.

The complex boasts a 25-metre swimming pool, a fully-equipped gym and fitness studio, hard and soft tennis courts, cricket lanes, football and rugby fields, and our large sports hall. This comprehensive sports complex serves the school’s students and the wider community, offering a hub of athletic excellence and encouraging a culture of active living.

Saint Felix School is committed to promoting physical fitness, skill enhancement, and a sense of sportsmanship, exemplified by our sports provision. We want individuals of all ages and abilities to come together to embrace the joys of sports and active recreation.

Garth Wray

Head of Operations. Email now

Garth Wray, Head of Opperations at Saint Felix School in Southwold, Suffolk