One Diverse, Multi-Cultured, Happy School Community

At Saint Felix School, internationalism is an exciting aspect of school life and permeates everything we do. Internationalism is not achieved in a set assembly or lesson; instead, we ensure our diverse cultures and school values are encompassed and celebrated constantly throughout the school.

We believe that embracing opportunities to enhance understanding and perception of diversity equips our students with the ability to navigate an increasingly interconnected world and contribute positively to global society. Our diverse student body, with boarders from over 30 countries and students visiting from around the globe, transforms Saint Felix School into a dynamic and vibrant international community. Relationships are formed and nurtured on mutual trust, respect, acceptance, and a genuine curiosity for understanding.

Exciting initiatives also encourage internationalism, such as short-term visits from international schools, a curriculum that incorporates global interconnectedness, international days of celebration, Saint Felix’s own ‘Culture Day’, where we celebrate the culture, food and language of our student body, educational trips and visits to different cities and countries, and a modern foreign language programme that has a pen-pal scheme.

Internationality is at the heart of Saint Felix School. We strive to continually expand on this key area of inclusivity and broaden our students’ understandings.

Are you an international student and want to study in the UK? Learn more about boarding at Saint Felix School, where a home-from-home experience awaits.