Our Purpose, Vision & Values

Our Purpose

  • To enable every student to thrive, flourish and become the very best version of themselves.
  • To provide a broad and engaging curriculum that will excite, inspire and elicit curiosity.
  • To prepare our students by providing them with the skills, qualities and characteristics for whatever might lie ahead for them in a world where AI will undoubtedly shape the future.
  • To ensure that there is a wide range of co-curricular opportunities enabling all students to find their passion and begin to develop expertise and mastery across different areas.
  • To harness the beauty of our rural and coastal environment to create a unique and inspiring educational experience.
  • To provide a kind and warm environment where every student feels supported and cared for; they know that we are interested!


Our Visions and Values

We will be launching the new vision and strategy document that will guide the school through the next part of its journey later this academic year; it will have a clear remit to embrace the beauty of our rural and coastal setting within its educational framework, with an emphasis on understanding our environment through the Forest School for the earlier years and the curriculum offering throughout.

The co-curricular offering will become broader and more all-encompassing with new student programmes beginning to emerge for Leadership, Global Citizenship and Service Learning combined with a full Arts and Sports package to develop and enhance the interest and passions of the children.

A full review of the academic provision is in place to ensure that, from September 2024, the curriculum offering is robust, international, and fit for purpose, enabling the students to leave Saint Felix confident that they have the knowledge, skills and characteristics that will enable them to thrive.

The revamped Learning Hub for students with special educational needs has become an outstanding space for individualised learning and development, whilst the newly designed classrooms will better facilitate flipped learning and a proactive student approach to inspire curiosity.

Following a formal voting exercise, the entire Saint Felix community, including students from Reception to Sixth Form and all staff, have decided on five new school values that will intertwine into all aspects of school life. Our new values are Creativity, Honesty, Kindness, Passion, and Respect. Unsurprisingly, Kindness and Respect were the two values that received the highest number of votes, reflecting the already warm, close-knit school community of Saint Felix School.

In January 2024, students and staff will be encouraged to consider where and how the values can be incorporated into the school fabric.

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