Our Heritage

Our Heritage

Saint Felix School – A Legacy of Excellence for Over 125 Years!

With a rich history dating back to 1897, Saint Felix School has been a beacon of educational excellence for generations. Founded by the visionary Margaret Isabella Gardiner, the school began with just four students in a house in Aldeburgh. Under Miss Gardiner’s dedicated leadership, the school flourished, prompting a move to purpose-built premises in Southwold by 1902, where it still stands proud today.



Throughout the years, Saint Felix School has embraced change and growth, continually adapting to meet the expectations of parents and students whilst staying true to its core values. From becoming fully co-educational in 2002 to introducing a Nursery Department in 2015, offering education to children aged 2 to 19, the school remains committed to providing a nurturing, supportive, caring environment for all.

Named after Saint Felix, the first bishop of the East Angles in the 7th century, our school’s ethos reflects his spirit of resilience and dedication to learning. As we honour our history, we celebrate prominent figures, such as Miss Gardiner and suffragist Millicent Fawcett, who played vital roles in shaping Saint Felix School’s legacy.

Our facilities are a testament to our progress, with an indoor swimming pool hosting the successful Saint Felix Swimming Squad, and the impressive 250-seat Silcox Theatre for showcasing our budding stars.

Beyond academic excellence, Saint Felix School holds social responsibility close to its heart. From assisting Jewish refugees during World War II to supporting Syrian refugees in recent years, we instil a sense of compassion and empathy in our students. During WWII, the Desert Rats also planned their D-Day landing in our school, adding to our vibrant history.

Today, Saint Felix School stands as a thriving institution, epitomising the pioneering spirit of its founder. Our mission revolves around helping each child develop as an individual, fostering independent learning and nurturing to create well-rounded and successful adults, ready for further education or the world of work.

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