Saint Felix School’s Senior Department is an energetic and embracing environment that celebrates individuality and personal achievements and fosters independent and resilient learners. Our extensive range of GCSE options, enriching programmes, career guidance, and comprehensive personal, social, health, and economic education provides a comprehensive educational experience.

We endeavour to broaden horizons by unlocking every student’s full potential and cultivating the skills necessary to thrive, not only within the school environment but also in our dynamic and ever-evolving world.  Our mission is to encourage students to exhibit perseverance, critical thinking, effective communication, innovative leadership, strategic thinking, cooperative spirit, and a deep understanding of their immediate surroundings and the broader global context.

With a warm, close-knit community and exceptional pastoral care, we ensure all students flourish in a supportive yet challenging environment where small class sizes allow for individualised and tailored learning, and teachers know their students on a personal level, providing bespoke academic and pastoral support.

During Key Stage 3, our teaching methodology aligns with the National Curriculum while remaining open to novel concepts and innovative approaches. We foster a genuine passion for learning through diverse educational outings and a strong co-curricular provision, supporting the academic excellence at Saint Felix.

Our Senior students emerge as poised, eloquent, approachable, and accountable young adults, eagerly prepared to make meaningful contributions to society. They approach new challenges with optimism, resilience, and a sense of humour, reflecting the values we instil in them. Our holistic educational approach ensures students consistently achieve outstanding results in public examinations, ready for A Level studies in our Sixth Form.

Come and see all that Saint Felix School’s Senior Department has to offer and meet Ms. Annie Hardcastle, Deputy Head and Head of Senior.

Ms. Annie Hardcastle

Deputy Head and Head of Senior

Annie Hardcastle, Deputy Head of Saint Felix School