Forest School

Forest School

At Saint Felix, our Forest School is a safe haven where education and nature intertwine seamlessly. Our approach ensures that learning transcends traditional classroom walls and takes root within the captivating embrace of nature.

Our Forest School encompasses den building, fence weaving, bird box creation, mud kitchens, fires, bug hotels, digging, star gazing, planting trees, outdoor lessons, and much more. These carefully crafted activities strike the perfect balance between educational value and unbridled fun. The lessons learned transfer directly to academic subjects, such as science, geography and mathematics.

We believe children’s journeys should be full of self-discovery and boundless exploration. Our Forest School nurtures self-esteem, ignites creativity, and fosters confidence and determination. Through hands-on experiences in our enchanting natural surroundings, students cultivate independence and engage in child-centred learning that encourages them to follow their curiosity.


One of the hallmarks of our Forest School is the encouragement of supported risk-taking. Here, children learn to navigate challenges – building resilience and a sense of accomplishment.

Saint Felix School thrives on cultivating a profound connection between students and their environment. The great outdoors becomes a classroom without walls where academic growth merges harmoniously with personal development.

Come and see our enchanting Forest School during a tour of our school.