Our Approach

Our Approach

With two new classroom designs already in place in our Senior Department and complete renovations of each classroom in our Nursery, Pre-Prep and Prep Departments underway, with completion ready for September 2024, teaching and learning will become more student-centred in its approach, with a greater emphasis on flipped learning and the Harkness approach. This will ensure greater student interaction with their peers and teachers to illicit lively classroom debate and discussion aided by modular and adaptable furniture with incorporated writeable walls.

The broad curriculum offering allows individual choice across a range of core and optional subjects with every student able to follow their own unique areas of academic passion and interest. A full curriculum review has been launched with initial changes to begin in September 2024 to ensure that the offering is modern and that all students leave prepared for the demands of life beyond Saint Felix.

We have just established our own Learner Profile to ensure that all teachers and students fully understand the areas that we are trying to develop:

Resilience  |  Curiosity  |  Aspiration  |  Independence  |  Reflection

This will create a sense of commonality across the learning experience and will be incorporated into the feedback process in order for students to understand their own personal trajectory.

With strong exam results, high value added and excellent university outcomes, the personalised and individual learning process at Saint Felix supported by smaller classroom sizes creates a compelling and enriching academic education for the students.