Our People

Our People

Saint Felix has an exceptional team of dedicated, nurturing professionals; teachers who provide the educational excellence that propels students towards success, and a team of support staff who ensure the day-to-day running of our wonderful school.


Senior Leadership Team

Saint Felix School’s Senior Leadership Team (SLT) consists of staff members directly involved in our school’s strategic development and operation. The Chair is the Head who, along with the SLT, is responsible for the academic and pastoral outcomes for students, as well as all operational and HR matters.

Mr Matthew Oakman

Head of Saint Felix School

Matthew Oakman, Head of Saint Felix School in Southwold, Suffolk

Ms. Annie Hardcastle

Deputy Head and Head of Senior

Annie Hardcastle, Deputy Head of Saint Felix School

Mrs Alicia Mann

Assistant Head - Designated Safeguard and Pastoral Lead

Alicia Mann, Assistant Head of Saint Felix School and Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Carolyn Lambert


Carolyn Lambert, Assistant Head and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator (SENDCo)

Mr Garth Wray

Head of Operations

Garth Wray, Head of Opperations at Saint Felix School in Southwold, Suffolk

Mrs Halcyon Meldrum

Head of Boarding

Halcyon Meldrum, Head of Boarding at Saint Felix School in Southwold, Suffolk

Miss Jade Wong

Head of Preparatory Department

Jade Wong, Assistant Head and Head of Prep School

Mrs Joahnna Harlock

Assistant Head - Curriculum / Head of Sixth Form

Jo Harlock, Assistant Head and Head of Sixth Form and Curriculum

Mr Mark Grigg

Assistant Head - Co-Curricular / Head of Sport

Mark Grigg, Assistant Head and Head of Sport and Co-curricular

Heads of School


Head of Senior Department

Henry, Head of School at Saint Felix in Southwold, Suffolk


Head of Senior Department


Head of Prep Department

Millie, Head of Prep School at Saint Felix in Southwold, Suffolk


Head of Prep Department

Isabelle, Head of Prep School at Saint Felix in Southwold, Suffolk

Our Advisory Board

Saint Felix’s Advisory Board is composed of individuals from both within the Inspired Learning Group (ILG) team and those with connections to our school. Their responsibilities align with standard Board of Governors’ functions encompassing the school’s vision, ethos, and strategic direction. The Board also establishes and reviews policies and procedures – ensuring leadership accountability for school management, educational provision, and compliance with legal and DfE requirements.

Additionally, the Board contributes to inspections, monitors and evaluates performance to enhance standards, ensures students’ welfare and pastoral care, supports leaders, and provides recommendations to the Proprietor, always prioritising the school’s best interests with integrity and objectivity. The SLT reports to the Board periodically through formal meetings and regular contact with the Chair and other members of the ILG executive team. To ensure complete governance, the Board operates through two committees, Education and Compliance, both of which feed into a Full Board, thus providing a comprehensive approach to direct our school’s success and growth.

Amit Mehta
ILG Proprietor: pa@inspiredlearninggroup.co.uk

Wrichik Majumder
ILG Head of Finance

Carrie Askew
Board Level Lead for Safeguarding and Health & Safety: operations@inspiredlearninggroup.co.uk

James Fowler
Chair of Advisory Board: jfowler@inspiredlearninggroup.co.uk

Lin Le Versha

Hazel Anthony

Neil Roskilly

Catherine Dann
ILG Head of HR

Cat Tansley

Our Staff


Pastoral Heads of Year:

Mrs Alicia Mann (Pastoral Lead)



Mr Mark West (Head of Fourth Form)



Mr Ian McLean (Head of Fifth Form)



Mrs Joahnna Harlock (Head of Sixth Form)



Art, Photography & Textiles:

Ms L Roberts (Head of Art)

Miss F Osborne



Mrs Halcyon Meldrum (Head of Boarding, Houseparent Somerville House)

Mr A Grimmer (Houseparent, Gardiner House)

Miss C Salvagni (Assistant Houseparent)

Ms D Lupton (Houseparent, Fawcett House)

Miss H Stanton (Assistant Houseparent)

Mrs V Arias (Assistant Houseparent)


Business Studies/Economics:

Mr A Grimmer

Mrs J Harlock



Mr A Grimmer

Mrs C Lambert

Mrs J Harlock



Miss C Salvagni


Drama & Performing Arts:

Mrs A Boyd (Head of Drama)

Mr D Boyd



Mr R Lynch (Head of English)

Ms A Hardcastle

Mrs L Knight

Mrs J Neeves


English as an Additional Language (EAL):

Mrs K Dunn (Co-ordinator of EAL)



Mr I McLean (Head of Geography)



Mr R Farrands (Head of History)

Miss H Stanton


Learning Support:

Mrs C Lambert (SENDCo – Senior)

Mrs L Barker-Harrison (SENDCo – Prep)

Mrs B Every (Head of Learning Support)

Mrs C Fisher

Mrs E Sibson

Mrs H Stokes-Hayward

Mrs J Webster

Mrs L Stebbings

Mr M Chapman

Mrs P Riley

Miss T Bayliss



Mrs G Russell (Head of Mathematics)

Mr A Evans

Mr A Grimmer


Modern Foreign Languages:

Mrs S Moyle (Head of French)

Mrs M Jarrett

Ms S Manning



Miss E Wong (Head of Music)

Mr C Bacon

Mrs C Skinner

Miss H Playle

Mr J Flack

Mr M Chapman



Mrs H Meldrum (Lay Chaplain)

Mr A Grimmer

Mrs C Lambert

Mrs J Harlock

Mrs K Beblot



Mrs K Beblot



Mrs M Westlake (Head of Science)

Mr A Hill (STEM Co-ordinator)

Miss E Rushmere

Mr M West

Miss H Cubbage (Science Technician)



Mr M Grigg (Head of Sport)

Miss A Brewster (Assistant Head of Sport)

Mr B Collis

Mr G Caplin

Ms J Copestake

Mr J Keeble



Miss Jade Wong (Head of Prep Department):
01502 722175


Key Stage 1:

Mrs A Forward (Teaching Assistant)

Miss J Copestake (Preparatory PE and Games)

Mrs N Denny (Teaching Assistant)

Miss N Jessop (Year 2 Teacher)

Mrs S Karaboce (Year 1 Teacher)

Mrs Z Parle (Teaching Assistant)


Key Stage 2:

Mrs A Nunn (Year 5 Form Teacher)

Mr B Collis (Preparatory Games)

Mr D Boyd (LAMDA)

Miss E Wong (Head of Music)

Mrs H Meldrum (Lay Chaplin and Head of Boarding)

Mrs L Barker-Harrison (Year 3 Form Teacher)

Mr M Grigg (Preparatory Games)

Mrs N Denny (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs N Fisher (Year 6 Form Teacher)

Miss N Harlock (IT Teacher)

Mr N Thompson (Swimming Coach)

Mrs S Moyle (Modern Foreign Languages)

Ms S Purchase (Director of Swimming)

Mr T Fletcher (Year 4 Form Teacher)



Early Years Foundation Stage:

Mrs V Fox (Reception Teacher)

Mrs A Forward (Reception Class Assistant and After School Care Club Supervisor)


Miss C Strowger (Nursery Practitioner)

Miss H Spence (Nursery Practitioner)

Miss J Seatory (Nursery Practitioner)

Mrs N Stubbs (Nursery Practitioner)

Miss S English (Nursery Practitioner)

Miss S Swan (Nursery Practitioner)


Mrs V Arias (Breakfast Club)

Mrs Z Parle (Breakfast Club)



Operations and IT:

Mr G Wray (Head of Operations)

Miss N Harlock (IT Technician)



Miss L Davison (Finance Manager)



Mr J Winyard (Head Chef)

Ms S Burden (Deputy Head Chef)

Mr M George (Chef)

Mrs C Sayers (Kitchen Supervisor)

Miss A Powley (Kitchen Assistant)

Mrs L Clayton (Kitchen Assistant)

Mrs M Wall (Kitchen Assistant)

Mrs N Hope (Kitchen Assistant)

Mrs R Bullough (Kitchen Assistant)

Mr G Bullion (Kitchen Porter)


Compliance and Health & Safety:

Mr P Matthews


Human Resources:

Mrs F Hosea


Management Support Office:

Mrs C Tansley (PA to the Head)

Mr C Trigg (Head of Marketing)

Mrs D Marsden (Preparatory Administration Assistant)

Miss E Haywood (PA to the Deputy Head)

Miss J Burch (Head of Admissions)

Mrs M Meen (Senior Department Administration Assistant)


Maintenance and Estates:

Mr T Laughland (Estates Manager)

Mr A Laughland

Mr C Bell

Miss D Meades

Mr D Neal

Mr M Cheesman

Mr P Bacon

Mr P Denny

Mr S Nunn


Medical Centre:

Sister P Canham (School Nurse)

Ms D Lupton


School Counsellor 

Ms S Manning


Sports Facilities:

Miss J Copestake (Fitness Instructor)



Ms S Purchase (Director of Swimming)

Mr N Thompson (Head Coach)

Miss A Heard

Mr B Rivett

Miss C Watson-Flowers

Mrs K Ince

Miss M Latimer-Hicks

Miss N Turner

Miss S Bowler



Mr C Bell (Transport Coordinator)

Mrs L Cameron (Minibus Driver)

Mr M Barlow (Minibus Driver)

Ms N Oram (Minibus Driver)

Mrs P Sexton (Minibus Driver)

Mr T Graham (Minibus Driver)



Miss E Wickham (Housekeeping Supervisor)

Mrs A Boden

Mr B Thomsett

Ms K Whiting

Miss L Reid

Ms L Holmes

Mrs M Scoggins

Mrs R Thomsett

Ms S Golder

Ms T Bayliss


House matron:

Mrs P Kett