February 14, 2018

Year 7 students completed the first stage of the Race for the Line competition last week.

This is a nationwide event where students construct a small rocket propelled car, with the aim of making it travel as fast as possible. The race is inspired by the development of the Bloodhound supersonic car, and aims to engage young people with the role of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in our society. For most of our Year 7 students, this is a year-long STEM project which began in September 2017. Personnel from RAF Honnington came to school to test the cars – timing them over a 25 metre track.

The fastest car was constructed by Benjamin Brow and Lazar Nemeth and. It reached an actual speed of 31.8 mph, which would be equivalent to 318 mph if scaled up to match the size of the car. The car built by Kasper Goddard and Troy Morley was equal second place with that constructed by Leyla Sanchez, reaching 29.4 mph. Even the slowest one reached a speed of 23.3 mph! These teams now progress to the regional race at Royal Hospital School in May