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Saint Felix Celebrates
September 8, 2018

Polly Chan’s poem Norfolk was one of the two winning entries in the Norfolk Day creative writing competition organised by the National Centre for Writing and the Eastern Daily Press.  Polly won the under 18s category with her beautiful poem simply called Norfolk

Norfolk by Polly Chan

Away from the chaos, stress and madness, lies a strange place filled with utopian adventures.

Instead of skyscrapers; there are trees and forests, filled with wild deer prancing to the beautiful meadows.

The air is clean like a fresh white sheet, washed and drying in the gentle breeze.

There are so many colours, the bright green fields, the golden yellow sand, the scarlet red flowers and the glistening of diamonds shining on the relaxing flowing rivers.

The sun shines more, and the sky is blue like a summers day that you never wanted to forget.

Though this place is strange, it is a dream of mine that has finally happened,

a place where wild animals and humans are at peace,

a place where the river is blue and home to fish and lots of other creatures,

a place where there are endless fields of colour and meadows that beckon you to have a picnic,

and finally, but most importantly,

a place that I love and can call a home.