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Sixth Form
February 15, 2019

Match at Finborough School — Tuesday 12th February

An exciting end to end game of Basketball played by two very well matched teams resulted in a final winning score of 56-41 to Saint Felix. 

Finborough started the match stronger, mainly due to them scoring some good three point baskets very early on. However, captain Roan Chen soon organised the team and our defence improved. Dennis Mhini man to man marked their main goal scorer virtually out of the game, PJ Aduwa-Emovon got the re-bounds from their missed attempts at goal and with Roan, Robin Shang and Kerui Chen taking their chances shooting for the basket, we soon found ourselves scoring goals and getting ahead.

Everyone played their part and during the 40 minute game, Stella Huang, Caleb Chen and Vincent Ng all contributed to the winning score.

The game was played in an excellent competitive spirit and the Finborough team have asked for a re-match at Saint Felix.