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Saint Felix Celebrates
September 19, 2019


Daniel and Lucia Franco-Key competed in a number of events over the summer holidays.


– Easton College Grade 4 U9 Winner
– Cromer – U9 third place (was one set and 4-1 down, came back to win)
– Framlingham – fourth place
– Felixstowe – lost in the semi-finals, no playoff
– Suffolk Closed in Ipswich – second place


– Elche, Spain – runner up in U14
– Bath Grade 2 National – got through to the last 16.
– Cromer – winner U12 singles and doubles
– Framlingham – U12 runner up in singles, winner in U12 doubles
– Frinton – U12 winner singles and doubles
– Felixstowe – winner U12 singles and doubles
– Suffolk Closed – winner U12 singles and doubles. U14 semi-finals in the singles
– Bournemouth, Grade 1 tournament. He reached the semi-finals in doubles. In singles, he won the first round and then in his second match played the No. 1 in the UK for U12. Against all the odds he lost the first set 6-3, won the second 4-6 and then took him to 7-5 in the third. Although he lost it was an amazing performance. Good tennis and he came off the court smiling.