November 14, 2019

Over the weekend of the 9th November, 37 athletes from St Felix School Swimming Club headed to Ipswich for the annual Deben November Meet.

Competing for only the second or third time this season, the aim was to continue the strong start of the season with improved race skills and tactics before the Suffolk County Championships in January. The team swam well, winning 61 Gold medals, 32 Silver medals and 30 Bronze medals. 146 Suffolk County times were achieved, alongside a total of 41 Swim England Regional Championship qualifying times. Including several first-time qualifiers!

A full list of achievements from the school pupils can be seen below, well done to everyone that competed:

KEY: PB – Personal Best, SQT – Suffolk Qualifying Time, RQT – Regional Qualifying Time

William Ellard – 10x Gold, 3x PB, 10x SQT, 10x RQT
Marin De Villard – 6x Gold, 5x PB, 6x SQT, 4x RQT
Charlotte Sanford – 5x Gold, 1x Silver, 5x PB, 6x SQT, 2x RQT
Jude Gunner – 5x Gold, 1x Silver, 5x PB, 7x SQT
Isla Webster – 3x Gold, 3x Silver, 5x PB, 6x SQT, 2x RQT
Kiara Jessop – 3x Gold, 2x Silver, 1x Bronze, 1x PB, 6x SQT
Rose Webster – 2x Gold, 3x Silver, 1x Bronze, 2x PB, 7x SQT
Noni Thole – 2x Gold, 1x Silver, 5x SQT, 3x RQT
Clara Watson-Flowers – 2x Gold, 2x PB, 2x SQT, 2x RQT
Joab Carr – 1x Gold, 2x Silver, 1x PB, 5x SQT, 3x RQT
Marcus Moscuzza – 1x Gold, 1x Silver, 3x SQT
Delvin Barick – 1x Gold, 3x Bronze, 1x PB, 4x SQT, 2x RQT
Goscha Gorovoj – 1x Gold, 2x Bronze, 3x SQT, 1x RQT
Rufus Carr – 1x Gold, 1x Silver, 2x PB, 2x SQT
Samuel Stephens – 1x Gold, 2x Bronze, 1x PB
Oscar Cole – 1x Silver, 4x Bronze, 5x PB, 5x SQT
Matilda Williams – 1x Silver, 1x Bronze, 3x PB, 3x SQT
Maia Tumiotto – 1x Silver, 2x PB, 4x SQT
Joshua Stephens – 1x Silver
Chris Fitzpatrick – 3x Bronze, 4x PB, 2x SQT, 1x RQT
Skye Staniforth – 3x PB
Chichi Zengeni – 2x SQT
Darcey McDonough – 1x PB