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Saint Felix Celebrates
December 3, 2019

On Saturday 16th November, 21 Saint Felix pupils headed to the London Aquatics for this year’s edition of the National Secondary School Relay Championships.

Competing in 10 relays, Saint Felix would come up against the strongest schools and often much bigger schools.
All 5 teams stepped up and performed well at this high level competition. Full results below:

Junior Girls (Year 7/8)
Rose Webster, Matilda Williams, Isla Webster & Charlotte Sanford
Medley Relay: 27th place
Freestyle Relay: 26th place

Inter Boys (Year 9/10)
Joab Carr, Marin De Villard, William Ellard and Marcus Moscuzza
Medley Relay: 4th place heat, 4th place final
Freestyle Relay: 8th place heat, 9th place final

Inter Girls (Year 9/10)
Clara Watson-Flowers, Noni Thole, Maia Tumiotto and Lorne Balfour
Medley Relay: 16th place
Freestyle Relay: 7th place heat, 7th place final

Senior Boys (Year 11/12/13)
Finn Jeffery, Collins Saliboko, Sam Rose, Delvin Barick and Georgy Gorovoj
Medley Relay: 13th place
Freestyle Relay: 9th place heat, 8th place final

Senior Girls (Year 11/12/13)
Natalie Sanford, Charlotte Walker, Kiara Jessop and Lucie Peck
Medley Relay: 12th place
Freestyle Relay: 8th place heat, 8th place final