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Saint Felix Celebrates
April 23, 2021

On Tuesday, we welcomed a guest speaker from Oddballs to talk to students from Year 9 to Year 13.

The session was held in the Silcox Theatre in year group bubbles and lasted around 30 minutes.

Oddballs Ambassadors raise awareness of Testicular Cancer. All the students learned valuable information about the topic, including what to look out for, how to check themselves and what to do if they find something. 

When asked about the session, the Sixth Form students responded positively. 

What was the most successful aspect of the talk?
My questions were answered and made the topic a bit clearer. It helped in explaining about how to notice the signs

What do you know now, that you didn’t know before?
Prosthetic testicles exist and there is a rare chance that you could be completely asymptomatic

Do you think it was geared right for your age group?
Yes, the presenter handled us well, even if we asked stupid questions

Further responses to the presentation include

  • Definitely worthwhile and was good because it normalised the idea of regularly checking ourselves
  • I knew you could get it when young but it was a revelation to learn that the prevalence of testicular cancer is very high amongst the late teens and early twenties age group
  • The lady that spoke to us was very nice, she made the topic as normal of a conversation as possible
  • She approached the topic in a very open way, so it was informative and a relaxed environment, which was good
  • Very informative and a really nice spokesperson
  • Professional and great for raising awareness
  • Summer made a generally heavy topic light and informative, making it very easy to engage and learn
  • Summer made the topic really interesting and was very open to speak about it
  • It was very interesting and it taught me new knowledge
  • It was very interesting to listen
  • It enabled me to have a lot more knowledge on such an important topic
  • It was good to spread awareness of such a common thing
  • I feel motivated to buy some merchandise that would promote the issue amongst my peer group