October 5, 2021

To celebrate the European Day of Languages last week, the Languages Department held a number of events to celebrate.

European Day of Languages at Saint Felix:

  1. Tutor time – Who wants to be Millionaire. European Day of Languages Special
  2. Special European menu at the Dining Hall. Tuesday Lunch.
  3. Library freshened up. ‘European book display’.
  4. European Poem Event ‘Open Mic’ Thursday 7th October 
  5. T-shirt design. National contest. 
  6. Teacher nomination: A teacher will win a price for using the most words in a European language around the school. 
  7. Language Pledge: students will get sponsored for using a European language for the day (Monday 27th). Money will be donated to UK for UNHCR. An international agency in support of refugees around the world.
  8. Informative display 
  9. German Club – Every Wednesday 
  10. International Cooking Club.