November 5, 2021

Year 10 pupils showing medals November 2021

Level X Racing was open to all Swim England swimmers and was an opportunity for swimmers to practice some racing skills within the comfort of their club environment. This was introduced after Lockdown measures were eased slightly but normal competitions were still not viable.

At the conclusion of the Series, Swim England published leader boards to celebrate participants’ success and achievement. The following Saint Felix School Pupils & Old Felicians (were members at the time) gained recognition for finishing in the top 10 across the whole of the Country.

Natalie Sanford
50 m Butterfly – 3rd, 100m Butterfly – 3rd, 100m IM – 4th, 200m IM – 4th

William Ellard
50m free – 3rd, 100m free – 3rd, 50m Butterfly – 6th, 50m Backstroke – 9th, 100m IM – 9th

Marin De Villard
100m Backstroke – 3rd, 200m Backstroke – 4th, 50m Backstroke – 10th

Jude Gunner
100m Butterfly – 4th, 50m Butterfly – 5th, 100m IM – 5th, 200m Freestyle – 7th, 200m IM – 8th

Lena Crisp
50m Freestyle – 9th, 50m Backstroke – 10th

Rosie Brooks
50m Freestyle – 10th

Charlotte Sanford
100m IM – 7th

Finn Jeffery
100 IM – 9th