November 30, 2021

On Tuesday 23rd November, year 5 went to Sutton Hoo as part of our history topic on Anglo Saxons

We were kept very busy and did lots of activities throughout the day. We met a lovely lady who was dressed up in Anglo Saxon clothes. She explained all about the Anglo-Saxon’s lifestyle from settlements, homes, clothes, food, drink and farming to entertainment. We stood outside Mrs Pretty’s house and learnt about the archaeologist Basil Brown. Next, we were treated to a special tour of the burial mounds and were given permission to stand on top of them. We learnt about the artefacts buried within the ship to take the afterlife. We also saw the sand bodies of criminals of the period. In the museum, we watched a short film and were able to see and learn more about all of the Anglo-Saxon artefacts which had been discovered at Sutton Hoo. Our last activity was a special treasure trail through the woods where we learnt all about runes (Anglo Saxon letters).

We had an awesome day and learnt loads about Anglo Saxons to support our topic at school.

By Ruth and Lily