December 9, 2021

On Wednesday 1st December, Saint Felix hosted St Joseph’s College for a Rugby match for Year 5 and Year 6.

Contact Rugby Match Report by Oliver Cooper & Hugo Whyte-Wood 

The weather was wet and muddy at the start everyone was cold but once we got going everyone got warmer and ready to play.  We were doing well, and we scored a couple of tries. We had a good chat at quarter time and worked hard but after half time we got a bit tired and missed some tackles. The opposition kept subbing on and off, so they didn’t get tired.     

We all played on a full pitch, and it was seven-a-side. Saint Felix had no subs, St Joseph’s had three subs. 

Everybody played well, everybody made some amazing runs. 

Herbie and Ethan were very good at running down the line. Daniel was great at putting pressure on and getting every tackle in he just needs to work on the ‘ring of steal’ to hold on for longer.  Hugo and Brandon were very good at carrying hard and ran through all of St Joseph’s which helped a lot! Oliver was our captain and motivated us to get up and run and got us to tackle and helped us stay warm. Jude took a heavy hit at the start and bounced back up from it with a bleeding lip. Miss Wong was very proud of us all! 

The final score in the end was 18 – 11 to Saint Joseph’s College.

Tag Rugby Match Report by Joshua Tallamy

It was a rainy, muddy, cold and wet afternoon, we started warming up at 2:00pm and warming up for 15 minutes and kick off was at 2:30pm. 

Edward was a phenomenal teammate and player. He always backed everyone up. He dribbled through their defence like a pro and scored 3 tries!  

Bruno was key in getting the team and hopes up even when it seemed impossible. To add to that he made lots of paths for our attackers to run in and score and set up lots of tries for the team. 

Edgar never gave up in the freezing cold but still organized the team very well and he got over the line and gave lots of great passes.  

Tommy got really involved, made so many runs and got back into defence straight away and he scored 4 tries. 

Oliver made some strong runs and weaved in and out finding space to run through! The final score was 19 – 13 to St Joseph’s College.   

Well done to everyone who took part! After the match we had some match teas and hot squash to warm us up!