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Saint Felix Celebrates
May 5, 2022

On Tuesday 3 May Year 11 and Sixth Form pupils were given a “General Crime Talk” in Gardiner Hall, given in a private capacity by practising Solicitor-Advocate Russell Robinson, as part of the Futures Programme.

Many of us think we know our “rights” from having watched multiple boxsets of crime drama, but laws are ever-changing. Pupils were urged to ensure they are well-informed rather than misinformed and to seek the advice of a legal representative should they find themselves in a difficult situation where the Police have become involved or even worse, arrested.
Eighteen is still a “milestone” age, sadly with many accompanying arrests. As pupils reach this milestone it is vital for them to be aware of their legal position as they inevitably become more exposed to opportunities, strange situations and what seem like tempting offers at the time…
Saint Felix was therefore very pleased to welcome Russell to the school. Russell gave a frank, engaging and thought-provoking talk accompanied by a list of top tips on how not to get arrested and what to do, if you do – with terms, conditions (and disclaimers) attached.
Surprising take-aways included that it’s harder than you think to prove your intentions and that throwing an unexpected snowball can be considered assault. The serious consequences of getting a criminal record were also strongly emphasised.
Topics pulled no punches (sic) and covered aspects of assault, substance abuse, sexual consent and violence.
The overall message was to be careful, be mindful, be informed and perhaps overall don’t be afraid to seek legal advice: it’s your right.

Another fascinating talk. We look forward to more as the Futures Programme continues to take shape for our Senior and Sixth Form years.

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