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June 8, 2022

Artistic, storytelling, spelling, writing and reporting skills have been celebrated for this week’s “Bronte” star workers!


Oscar shared the wonderful picture he drew of Adam Lambert at the Queen’s Jubilee concert. Stella showed us her brilliant number work using a number line to find ‘one more than’. Harry read us his account of his trip to ‘Legoland’ and how he got his driving licence. 

Year 1:

Adelia has made tremendous progress with her spellings in the weekly test and with her free writing. She is able to use her phonetic knowledge to attempt unknown words for herself and, most importantly if all, is confident to do so as she sees herself as a writer.

Year 2:

Harry has throughly enjoyed learning about Grace Darling in history. He recalled all the facts that we learnt watching a short film about her life and followed this up with an excellent account of her, including proof that it was a true story and how important it was for women to be seen as equals at that time.

Bravo to our Bronte Stars!

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