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August 17, 2023
A Level Students

At Saint Felix School, on the day of eagerly anticipated A-level results, both excitement and nervous anticipation hung in the air. With a combination of hopeful smiles and fidgety gestures, students received the results of their years of hard work and dedication. As the envelopes were opened, the atmosphere buzzed and smiles arose on all faces. The achievements were nothing short of remarkable; a testament to the relentless efforts our students have invested in their studies. With stories of top grades, outstanding subject performances, and confirmed places at prestigious universities, it is certainly a day of celebration. The collective achievements of Saint Felix’s students reflected not only their individual brilliance but also the unwavering support of the school’s dedicated teachers.

With 82% of all grades being marked at A* to C and 36% at A* to A, Mrs Harlock, Assistant Head and Head of Sixth Form and Curriculum, expressed her admiration, “I am immensely proud of our exceptional students on their outstanding examination results. Over the last few years, these students have faced educational disruption and uncertainty, however, what they have achieved is a testament to their hard work, determination, and dedication. These results reflect not only their accomplishments but also reflect the school’s commitment to provide an environment that nurtures learning and growth.”

From September, Mr Matthew Oakman joins Saint Felix School as the new Head and expressed his happiness about the student’s achievements, “Congratulations to the Saint Felix School leavers of 2023 who have achieved superb results. With standards returning to pre-Covid levels, this represents an excellent achievement for a wonderful group of students who will now go on to a wider array of courses, such as Medicine, PPE, Economics & Law, at some of the most prestigious universities in the country, such as Bristol, Bath, UCL and Canisius, USA. With 22% of students leaving with a full set of A* to A grades and 61% with A* and A grades within their profile, they can all feel rightly proud of their achievements given the disruption to their education earlier in their academic career. These results represent an improvement across the board when compared with 2019 results, which was the last time that A Level results were marked to this standard. A 5% rise in A* to A grades and 4% rise in A* to C grades shows that Saint Felix School is continuing to improve outcomes for students at all levels. With 100% A* to A grade in Latin, History, Fine Art and PE; and 100% A* to B grade in Maths, English Literature, Latin, History, PE, Fine Art and Photography, the teaching staff have provided enormous support and care for these students, enabling them to thrive and flourish academically. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff for the support that they have given this delightful group of young students. Future outcomes are particularly strong with 78% of students gaining their first-choice university and 94% of students off to the first or second choice university. This represents a significant achievement, and we all wish them well at their chosen destination and look forward to hearing their stories of continued academic study.”

Mr Oakman also spoke about the school’s exciting future, “Saint Felix is looking to continue its academic success with a number of new and innovative classrooms in their final stages of completion for the new term, a Forest School emerging from the woods by the end of September, and a fully refurbished Learning Hub to enable high levels of individualised learning; we are all now looking forward to supporting the next generation of Felicians in their exciting journey through their formative years.”