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August 24, 2023

On the day of GCSE results, Saint Felix School’s year 11 pupils arrived with excitement, anticipation and nerves. As the envelopes opened, there were plenty of smiles, laughter and tears of joy. Pupils cuddled and embraced each other, sharing their success stories and comparing results, with their parents/guardians looking on proudly.

Mr Matthew Oakman, the new Head at Saint Felix, was delighted with the results and stated, “Congratulations to the Saint Felix School GCSE class of 2023 who have achieved excellent results. With standards returning to pre-Covid levels, it is wonderful to see so many success stories and 90% of all grades at 9-4. With a 6% increase in grades at 9-6 compared to 2019 results, the students have shown genuine academic ability and resilience in overcoming a disrupted period of learning.

With 100% pass rates in English Language, English Literature, French, Latin (which was graded at 100% 9-7), Religious Studies, Music and all disciplines of Art, the teaching staff have ensured that the students now have a great springboard for life in the 6th Form. These strong results will have fully prepared them for the challenges of A Levels and we look froward to seeing their successes and achievements over the next two years.

Mr Oakman also spoke about the school’s exciting future, “Saint Felix is looking to continue its academic success with a number of new and innovative classrooms in their final stages of completion for the new term, a Forest School emerging from the woods by the end of September, and a fully refurbished Learning Hub to enable high levels of learning support; we are all now looking forward to supporting the next generation of Felicians in their exciting journey through their formative years.”