October 27, 2023

As part of Saint Felix School’s proactive approach to wellbeing and mental health, we are excited to announce that we have subscribed to ‘The Wellbeing Hub, from Teen Tips’, a fantastic interactive online portal that can support the wellbeing of the entire Saint Felix community.

The subscription is available for a whole year and is accessible to students, from Year 6 to Year 13; all parents; and all staff. As a member, you can benefit from:

  • Complete ‘Parenting Teens’ and ‘Parenting 2-12’s’ audio & video courses
  • New weekly resources – podcasts, articles, tips and more
  • Monthly live Q&A with a child & adolescent psychotherapist
  • Careers Advice – articles and tips, as well as Inspiring Futures podcast series – insiders’ perspectives on different industries, roles and career paths
  • Q&A library
  • Self-Care – giving you access to The A to Z of wellbeing, Your Stories and Talking Points
  • Member offers
  • Parenting one-to-ones (paid service)
  • Access to specialist help and support
  • Monthly webinars from in-house and guest, expert-level speakers on a range of topics

Please make use of this wonderful subscription and explore all that is available.

We will share regular updates about webinars, podcasts, articles, etc., via our social media channels, so please be sure to follow.

The subscription was led by Mrs Alicia Mann, Assistant Head – Designated Safeguard Lead and Pastoral Lead. Click here to read her letter to parents.