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November 10, 2023

Saint Felix Remembers
It has been a week of reflection and remembrance at Saint Felix, starting with assembly on Monday, accompanied by Chapel services on Thursday and Friday and culminating in a poignant service for the whole community at 11 a.m. today. We not only remember the six Saint Felix students who made the ultimate sacrifice across both world wars but also all those who served for the ideal of democracy as well as innocent civilians who lost their lives in conflict and acts of terrorism.

In other news, although the whole school curriculum review is in its early stages, we have brought forward the introduction of two new subjects into the Sixth Form. Mrs Harlock wrote to Year 11 students and parents yesterday, introducing the exciting addition of both Criminology (Level 3 Diploma) and Classical Civilisation (A Level) to our options from September 2024. Choice and optionality are so important for students; the opportunity to find their passions and interests is paramount to us as educators. As we continue to review the curriculum, we will look to bring in a range of new and exciting areas of study in order to ensure that Saint Felix students have an education that will maximise their learning opportunities as well as providing them with the tools to flourish beyond their time with us.

I am also delighted to announce that we have secured a grant from the Isabella Gardiner Trust that will allow us to fully replenish and restore our Library stock as well as bringing in a broader range of musical instruments for our students to learn and play. Reading, music and performing are such important parts of a broad education, and I am keen to promote these areas as much as possible. The recent Poetry and Recital evening displayed the immense talent of the Saint Felix students, whilst the Clough Musical Showcase on Wednesday provided younger students with an early opportunity to perform in front of an audience where they showed great skill and flair. It is also wonderful to see the School Choir growing so quickly, with so many students from different age groups fully engaged in this wonderful activity.

In addition, the Senior Department’s Musical auditions have also taken place this week, Bugsy Malone; this will take place in February to allow exam year groups to participate fully if they would like to do so. We wish all the cast and crew the very best as they begin rehearsals next week.

It is such a shame that we have had to cancel the Bonfire and Fireworks Evening due to the state of the ground; we were all looking forward to the event, and we will try to find another occasion during the academic year to enjoy some fireworks. We have now set a date for the re-arranged House Scramble; this will take place on Thursday, 28th March, and you are all very welcome to come and enjoy that marvellous whole school event.

Lastly, it is a joy to hear so many students talk about how much they enjoy being at school. This is reflected in the fact that so many of our students have 100% attendance through the first half of term; as we enter the second half of the academic year, this will be an area that we will continue to promote and celebrate due to the obvious benefits that it brings.


Yours sincerely,
Matthew Oakman