January 9, 2024

With a dream of being a pilot in the RAF, Holly, in Year 11, completed her first solo flight at just 16 years old, on Saturday, 6th January 2024, in a Cessna 150 – a fixed-wing aircraft, owned by Virage Aviation.

Following the help and support they have given her to prepare for her dream career, Holly wanted to raise money for the 759 Beccles Air Cadet Squadron, where she is a sergeant. With an initial target of £850, Holly has raised almost £1200.

In talking about her first solo flight, Holly said, “I don’t think I’ve quite realised that I have done my solo; it seems incredible after waiting for so long for this moment to come.

I was definitely nervous for it, I was going to be in the plane by myself with no help! So when my instructor opened the door and got out of the plane, the nerves were so intense I was physically shaking.

After taking off and once I had gotten settled at 1000ft, I felt a little more relaxed and felt slightly tempted to take a picture. I didn’t in the end but I did think about it!

If it hadn’t have been for the adrenaline, I don’t think I could have landed the plane as well as I did. My instructor came up to me afterwards and even said “why don’t you land like that Holly when I am in the plane with you?”

Anyway, it was the most incredible experience of my life and I can’t wait to have more solo flights, both in the circuit and for my navigation.”

Holly will now work towards her private pilot license (PPL).

Well done, Holly, on your fantastic achievements and efforts.