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January 30, 2024

International Day of Education

Whilst this is perhaps not the most celebrated and recognised of days, it is an opportunity to celebrate the role of education in promoting both peace and development. It was instituted by the UN and emphasises that education is a fundamental right and a public responsibility. It is a reminder to me of how fortunate the staff and students are here at Saint Felix where they can enjoy an uninterrupted educational experience in a beautiful rural and coastal environment. Education is the key to transformation and as we continue to embark on our curriculum review, we will be looking to shape a provision that is exciting, inspiring, dynamic, and truly holistic. It is the opportunities that you experience growing up that provide the inspiration for future careers, hobbies, and interests. We look forward to being able to present our ideas and the new framework with you at some point in the second half of this term.

As the school values begin to fully embed in the culture and ethos of Saint Felix, it was wonderful to hear about the Prep Department’s assembly on respect that was followed up by a Chapel service where Mrs Meldrum spoke so beautifully on this theme. As we move into the second half of the academic year, we will continue to explore the best ways to ensure that the students not only develop their academic skills but also become the role models for the future that we would all want them to become.

It was a pleasure to meet with the PTA this morning; the continued work that Cathy and her team put in to enhancing the opportunities available to our students is hugely appreciated. We are also very grateful that their continued fundraising efforts enables us to develop our provision and offering; many thanks for the cheque that will purchase our Saint Felix Gazebo which will have a variety of different uses. In addition, there are some exciting initiatives that will run in the second half of this academic year, and it was also useful to be able to build in their feedback on Parents’ Day to begin to create a bold new offering for this event on Saturday July 6th. We will send through the exact details when it has been finalised, but it will certainly have a different feel and vibe to previous years.

For those of you that may know Lily Ellard (OF) and the family, she suffered a bad accident in Thailand and the link below takes you to a crowdfunding page to raise finances for the hospital care that she is requiring. The school has donated, and I know that Lily and her parents would be hugely grateful for any donations.

Yours sincerely,
Matthew Oakman