Caitlin Dobson

What years did you attend Saint Felix School (from and to):


What was your favourite memory of Saint Felix School:
I always loved taking part in the end of year school plays and musicals. While I’ve always enjoyed being on stage, it was the sense of community backstage that made it so special. I’ll always remember squeezing into the dressing rooms/squash courts with my friends, laughing at how we looked in our costumes (looking at you, Beauty School Dropout pink wigs!) and taking photos to document every minute. The purple harem trousers from Arabian Nights were the most comfortable things I have ever worn though – if mine ever turn up in the costume cupboard I’d really like them back!


What did you go on to do/achieve:
I attended the University of Cambridge to study Education with English, where I gained a first class degree and won three academic scholarships. I also then completed a Master’s degree at Cambridge, alongside working part-time at Saint Felix. When I completed my MPhil, I started full time at Saint Felix as a member of the English department, and have since also become the Head of Fifth Form.


What advice would you give a pupil/student at Saint Felix School?
Work hard while you can – for most people, you only have one chance to be a student, only one set of GCSEs, A-Levels and degree, so make the most of your studentship. Take time off and forge lifelong friendships too, but don’t let yourself look back and regret not taking the opportunities that come your way. Put in every effort you can, and you will be able to look back with pride and knowing that you have achieved your full potential, whatever the outcome.


How did Saint Felix School prepare you for your career:
I am perhaps in a very unique position in that my career has started back with Saint Felix – the school created such a strong sense of family and support that I knew it would be the perfect place to begin my teaching career. I have tried to share with my students the same love of learning, curiosity and aspiration that my own teachers helped me to develop. Saint Felix allowed me to take a wide range of GCSEs and A-Levels – arts, humanities, languages and STEM subjects – and this interdisciplinary approached has meant that I feel confident in all aspects of my job, whether that is writing creatively with a class, teaching grammar or analysing data.

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