Independent Co-Educational Day & Boarding School for Ages 2 - 18. The Best of British Boarding by the Sea.

About Saint Felix International

Saint Felix is a co-educational, independent school for pupils aged 2 to 18, with day and boarding options available from age 9 onwards.

The combination of educational excellence in an inspirational environment with a kind and close-knit community gives pupils the very best experience of life at a British boarding school.

From the moment students arrive they are equipped with everything they need to ensure a happy transition into their new school and home.

What I think is one of the main strengths of Saint Felix is that you have quite a broad view of the world when you leave here. Our students are successful because of the transferrable skills we give them - for independent thought and a desire to become the best global citizens they can be. We will support them and prepare them, as best as we can, to reach their ambitions and their dreams.James Harrison, Headteacher

International students span Year 7 to Year 13 and come to Saint Felix at various stages of their school life. Time spent at the school can fit in with and complement studies at home.

I joined Saint Felix from Germany in Year 12. I had unforgettable experiences and met friends for life. Because I hadn’t had the opportunity to do Business and Photography in Germany, I tried it during my time in England and I’m now considering studying Business Management after completing school in Germany. I learned how to play netball and squash, how to analyse photos and present them and how important it is to be welcoming to everyone no matter where he or she comes from. Saint Felix School is a place where I got offered all opportunities to develop myself in every way. Former International student

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Boarding at Saint Felix

Boarders enjoy a rich experience at Saint Felix; living, working and learning from each other in three boarding houses filled with their peers.

International boarders are fully integrated with those from the UK - living side by side from age 9.

The school buildings are really beautiful and welcoming. My room was also very nice and I was sharing it with another girl. We were allowed to decorate our room with personal things and posters. The common room was a very good place to talk or to do homework.Anna (14), former International student

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Unique location

Saint Felix enjoys a unique location on a 75-acre campus with a tranquil Suffolk coastal setting within easy travelling distance to Cambridge, Norwich and London and the International airports at Stansted and Norwich.

Southwold is a small and really pretty town near the school. There are many shops where you can buy everything you need and other things. It’s really nice to go to Southwold at the weekend and spend some time on the beach or have a drink in a cafe." Former International student

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