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All teachers are teachers of English but at Saint Felix we recognise the importance of developing reading, writing and oral skills from first steps through to Sixth Form.

Whether in Pre-Prep, Prep or Senior Departments, our English teachers have a shared philosophy that combines a rigorous approach to mastering the technical skills of spelling grammar and punctuation with the enjoyment of language. We believe that if reading and writing should be enjoyable and stimulating.

That’s why our Pre-Prep students follow an individually tailored and differentiated curriculum which achieves National Curriculum objectives, but also fosters individual creativity through written skills, and develops a lifelong love of reading and discussion which is essential for the development of the whole child. Moreover, our approach instils a confidence and self-expression which enables our children to access the wider curriculum.

In the Prep Department students build on their Pre-Prep learning. Students learn to write for different purposes and in different contexts, using language for effect. In addition, reading skills are developed through a wide range of texts and through access to a well-stocked preparatory library.

In the Senior Department, students are exposed to complex ideas from an early stage, studying Shakespeare, poetry and young adult and classic fiction. Students experiment with different forms, writing short stories, poetry and newspaper, magazine and web-based articles. Our approach is to mix fun with structure, ensuring that students are developing as individuals.

We believe that students learn best from doing, so in KS3 and K4 they are afforded ample opportunities to express themselves. When students move up to Year 9 they begin their GCSE course and again there is an emphasis on student centred work, as they are asked to prepare presentations, write their own reviews and develop their debating skills. We have an excellent record of success at GCSE and A level, where analytical and interpretive skills come to the fore, and our students regularly go on to university to read English.