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Religious Education

Pupils at Saint Felix are taught RE from Reception to the end of Year 9. Although we are a school with a Christian ethos, we recognise the importance of learning about all religions and so throughout all key stages, pupils study the 6 main religions:

Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hindusim, Buddhism, Sikhism. In Key Stage 3, the pupils also spend some time learning about some of the minor world religions.

In Key Stage 1 and 2, pupils learn about the beliefs and practises of the different religions. Objects of interest, films, visitors and visits to places of worship are used in order to spark interest and to help foster an understanding of how belief shapes lifestyle choices. A more in depth study of beliefs and practises is continued into Key Stage 3 and at this stage we also introduce ethics, examining how the different religions approach some of the main ethical issues of the day.

Throughout all key stages, diversity of beliefs are respected and celebrated.