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Extra-curricular activities provide opportunities for all students at Saint Felix to enrich their learning experience and develop interests and enthusiasms for the visual arts beyond the curriculum.

The arts staff have a range of qualifications and experience in a variety of art and design specialisms and they bring their passion and enthusiasm for the subject to all aspects of its practice in school.

There are numerous activities and events throughout the school year run by the specialist staff, as well as community projects, workshops and the opportunity of working alongside practising artists.

Students’ creativity is encouraged through a range of techniques, processes and applications that contribute to drama productions, external exhibitions and the local annual Arts Festival.

Visits to exhibitions and off-site activities also extend the experience of students and reflect the value in which the Arts are held at St Felix, which is also celebrated and recognised in school through displays and awards.

All in all enrichment activities provide opportunities for students to express themselves, deepen their knowledge and practice in the subject and have fun in collaborative projects as well as evolving as creative, discerning and passionate human beings with inquiring minds.