Our innovative Business Department offers a captivating journey into the business and economic world – shaping critical global citizens of tomorrow. Our students explore the dynamic interplay between the business world and the world around us through significant, real-world case studies.

During the course, students delve into the decisions of big businesses, the power of social media, and the fascinating behaviour of visionaries like Elon Musk. They gain insights into the broader impact of our actions and how we can shape a better world. Students will earn recognised qualifications while gaining a profound comprehension of the intricate business landscape.

From an early age, students are introduced to the £5 challenge, igniting a passion for business acumen and personal finance. During Years 10 and 11, the London Institute of Banking and Finance (LIBF) programme empowers students to make sensible, well-considered financial choices – a competence that will assist them throughout life.

Whether dreaming of pursuing a university education or leaping into the world of work, studying A-Level Business opens doors to boundless opportunities.

Students who earn an AQA Business A-Level will become well-rounded individuals, equipped and confident to navigate the complexities of the modern world.


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