Drama and Performing Arts

Drama and Performing Arts

The Drama Department at Saint Felix School takes students on a transformative journey where empathy and understanding thrive. Our drama programme goes beyond the spotlight, fostering compassion, tolerance, and the ability to relate to diverse backgrounds and cultures – developing intercultural sensitivity skills that prove invaluable in all future endeavours.

Students are encouraged to actively participate in discussions, feedback sessions, rehearsals, and captivating performances. These invaluable transferable skills will accompany them in every facet of life, empowering them to succeed.

As the curtain rises, so does concentration. Rehearsals and performances demand focus and dedication – sharpening the mind, body and voice. Each student’s confidence to speak publicly develops through improved vocal projection, articulation, and tone. In the process, students refine their listening and observational abilities, enhancing communication on all fronts.

Drama is not just about art; it is about embracing the joy of learning and inclusivity. Laughter and humour intertwine with serious exploration, creating an environment where everyone’s unique contributions are celebrated and valued.

Interpersonal growth is nurtured through effective communication, relationship-building, and collaborative problem-solving. Intrapersonal skills develop as students embrace adaptability, self-management, and continuous self-development.

We proudly offer the LAMDA programme from year 1 to year 13. Those who embark on this rewarding journey not only gain a valuable qualification but also have the opportunity to earn UCAS points, propelling them towards brighter futures.

Drama at Saint Felix School is not just an art form; it is a pathway to personal growth, fulfilment, and boundless possibilities.


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