At Saint Felix School, students can explore a diverse language programme featuring French, Spanish, Latin, and Chinese. Our specialist subject teachers and thoughtfully designed curriculum enrich students’ linguistic abilities and cultural understanding – opening educational, workplace, and global citizenship opportunities.

Learning an additional language starts in our Nursery, where our youngest learners have two French lessons each week. In Reception, pupils continue to enhance their understanding of French via a fun, stimulating learning programme.

Key Stage One: Through games, songs, storytelling, roleplay, and other fun activities, pupils enhance their vocabulary and listening skills to become confident with primary, everyday French.

Key Stage Two: Both French and Spanish, taught through speaking, listening, song and rhyme, and visual and kinaesthetic stimulus, develops the sound and sight of the languages simultaneously. By Year 6, pupils are confident and enthusiastic about continuing their language studies in Senior School.

Key Stage Three: Students learn to use languages effectively for the purposes of practical communication and to develop their listening, reading and memory skills, while improving the accuracy of their written work. Students are also introduced to virtual leaning, giving them access to additional websites and resources.

Key Stage Four: As well as French and Spanish, students can choose Latin as part of their GCSE options.

French and Spanish: The core AQA GCSE specification explores three broad themes: identity and culture; local, national, international, and global areas of interest; and current and future study and employment. At GCSE, listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills are all assessed.

Latin: The OCR GCSE course assesses three areas: language, prose literature, and verse literature.


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