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Saint Felix Celebrates
August 12, 2020

Francis Vaughan submitted a composition entry for the BBC Young Composer 30 Second Composition Challenge and this has been selected as one of their favourites to be showcased on the website (only 9 pieces have been selected so far).

His composition has been performed by an Oboist from the BBC Concert Orchestra. You can watch the piece being performed here.

Francis says:

In May, I had to create a piece of music for school, based on a note set from ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’. Because of this, I decided to make the piece about rainbows and the rain that comes before them. To accompany it, I wrote a haiku:

Raindrops and Rainbow,
Spring’s gentle showers of colour,
May, awake new life

I play several instruments but I wrote this for the oboe because it best evokes the tranquillity of gentle rain in Spring.