Parent Portal

CANVAS Parent Portal

At Saint Felix School, we are committed to enhancing the parent-school partnership, and the CANVAS Virtual Learning Environment Parent Portal is a powerful tool designed to help you stay closely connected with your child’s academic journey.

Key Features of the CANVAS Parent Portal:

  1. Course Information: Access detailed information about your child’s courses, including syllabus, assignments, and due dates. Stay up-to-date on what they are learning.
  2. Grades and Progress: Monitor your child’s academic progress with real-time access to their grades and feedback from teachers. Track their achievements and areas for improvement.
  3. Resources and Materials: Find educational resources, reading materials, and additional support materials that can aid your child’s learning journey.

The CANVAS Parent Portal at Saint Felix School is your digital bridge to your child’s academic world. We believe that informed parents play a vital role in a student’s success, and this portal empowers you to be actively involved in your child’s educational experience.

Please click to following button to access the CANVAS Parent Portal.

iSAMS Parent Portal

The iSAMS Parent Portal is a convenient hub for staying informed about your child’s journey at Saint Felix School. You will have access to a wealth of information about their choices, class assignments, and academic results.

Key Features of the Parent Portal:

  1. Contact Information: Every parent receives their unique login, empowering you to update and manage your personal and family contact information for your child or children.
  2. School Life: Stay informed about your child’s daily attendance via your personalised login. You can access registration information, including periods of absence due to illness.
  3. Curriculum: Get a closer look at your child’s academic journey with the ability to view their class timetable. Additionally, you will find a comprehensive summary of your child’s academic reports, upcoming exams, and exam results. This feature allows you to monitor their progress at a convenient time.
  4. School Documents: Access important school documents with ease. Stay up-to-date with school policies and other essential information that can help you stay informed and engaged in your child’s education.

The iSAMS Parent Portal is your gateway to a more informed and connected school experience. We believe staying involved in your child’s educational journey should be straightforward; this portal makes that possible.

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WisePay Parent Portal

We understand the importance of transparency and convenience in managing your child’s education. That is why we are excited to introduce the WisePay Parent Portal, designed to simplify and streamline all your financial interactions with the school.

Key Features of the WisePay Parent Portal:

  1. Payment Convenience: Easily make secure online payments for school fees, trips, and co-curricular activities. Say goodbye to the hassle of handling cash or checks.
  2. Transaction History: Access a detailed transaction history, allowing you to review and track all your payments, ensuring complete financial clarity.
  3. Balance Statements: Stay up-to-date with real-time balance statements; you are always aware of any outstanding fees and upcoming payments.
  4. Multiple Child Accounts: Manage multiple child accounts from a single login, making it simple for all your family’s school-related finances.
  5. Financial Documents: Access your financial documents, such as invoices and receipts, whenever required.

The WisePay Parent Portal at Saint Felix School gives you access to the financial tools and information to support your child’s education with ease.

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