May 17, 2022

Saint Felix parents enjoyed a wonderful showcase of Acting and devised drama yesterday evening in the Silcox Theatre

Over sixty pupils have taken the opportunity to take LAMDA classes this year as part of their extra-curricular activities.

Led by dedicated LAMDA tutor, Louise Lindfield, children had the chance to showcase devised pieces and extracts from classic stories such as Alice in Wonderland and Oliver Twist to parents and family members as they prepare for their final examinations later this week.

The first half of the evening saw younger pupils exploring well known fairy tales as well as thought provoking pieces around resolving conflict, comic misunderstandings and the importance of self-belief in achieving ambition.

The second half addressed harder-hitting themes around crime and punishment and loss of the senses. The evening ended with a classic piece of Restoration drama.

The evening provided a variety of moving, thought provoking, funny and clever performances by all the pupils involved and was a real testimony to the children’s talents.

LAMDA classes are open to pupils whether they are taking Drama at GCSE or A Level and provide a hugely important opportunity for children to express their creativity and gain confidence by performing in front of a live audience.

Find out more about the curricular and extra-curricular Drama at Saint Felix. 

Running order as follows:

  1. Entry Level Acting with Yr 3s Frances, Florence, Phillipa, Isla, Imogen & Zebedee brought an extract from Little Red Riding Hood. with Yr 5s Caitlin, Lucy Welch, Imogen, Chloe, Darcey, Thea & Juliet.
  2. Grade 1 Acting with Yr 4 students with an extract from Alice in Wonderland.
  3. Grade 2 Devising from Yr 5 students Ruth, Freya, Lily, Rosabella & Henrietta with a performance based on the stimulus of ‘The Accident’.
  4. Grade 3 Devised Drama based on the stimulus ‘The Televsion Show’ with Yr 6 students Bruno, Ava, Holly, Sophie, Blythe, Sahara-Star, Elsa & Hugo.
  5. Grade 4 Devised Drama based on the stimulus ‘A Difficult Decision’ with Chloe, Lilly, Serena and Megan
  6. Grade 3 Solo with Yr8 Toby who presented a self-devised character based on a given character and an emotional state.
  7. Grade 5 Devised duologue with Yr 8 pupils Samuel and Tait (who have been working together in LAMDA for many years) explored the theme of self-belief in the face of criticism.
  8.  Grade 5 Devised duologue with Yr8 pupils Charlotte and Amelia explored an interview with the wrong person in the wrong room to comic effect.
  9. Grade 5 Devised drama with Yr 8 pupils Will, Ellena, Rima and Grace who created an original piece of drama from the stimulus ‘The Innocent Victim’.
  10. Grade 5 Devised drama with Senior pupils Lewis, Roshan , Alfie, Frankie & George who created an original piece of drama from the stimulus ‘The Innocent Victim’.
  11. Grade 5 Acting with Yr 9 pupils Freya, Holly & Lara with an extract from ‘Oliver Twist’.
  12. Grade 6 Devised drama from Yr 10 pupils Emmanual, Ryan and Ethan who based their drama on a poem of their choosing and included a monologue within the piece.
  13. Grade 6 Devised drama with Senior pupils Musti and Charlie based on one of the senses.
  14. Yr 12 Performance of an extract from ‘The Recruiting Officer’ with Mia and Grace.