June 16, 2022

The launch of a brand new Grande Petite buddy scheme for our new Year 6 and Reception pupils took place on Wednesday on the Clough lawn.

The new buddy scheme is a unique way to integrate new Reception class (Petites) with children joining Year 6 (Grandes) for 2022-2023. All of the pupils were delighted to be the first cohort involved and excited to meet their buddies. 

The launch event afternoon gave the chance for the Grandes meet their new Petites, play games, and familiarise themselves with the staff and new Reception parents.

In preparation for the event, the Grandes planned games and the writing of an introduction card from older to younger pupils together with their photograph, for the Petites to take home and familiarise themselves with over the summer break.

The children will meet up for “buddy breaks” on a weekly basis where the Year 6 children (current Year 5) will be able to play with their allocated Petite. They will also have the opportunity to play with all Reception and other Bronte children.

For the Grandes, the aim of the programme is to develop and establish strong leadership skills, learn to become a good role model, and build friendships with the younger children.

The Petites in turn gain a supportive mentor from the older year group to give a strong sense of community and inclusion.

Saint Felix is very excited to put the wonderful buddy system in place. The pupils have been very excited to be involved. 

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