Saint Felix School’s Geography Department helps our students understand the world and how global issues affect their lives. They inform how collective and individual roles shape the immediate and long-term future. Our dedicated teachers ensure that each student, from Prep to Sixth Form, gains a passion for exploration and investigation.

Key Stage One: Geography comes alive for our younger pupils. They explore the natural world, diverse cultures, and the environment with visits, hands-on activities, and multi-sensory resources. The school grounds and our onsite Forest School are used for outdoor research whenever possible, helping pupils develop an appreciation of the natural world. Pupils also visit local privately owned estates and woodland.

Key Stage Two: Pupils delve into physical and human geography by tackling pressing global issues like pollution, global warming, and interdependence. They learn map skills and ICT, confidently prepared to navigate the world. While addressing critical world challenges, pupils are encouraged to express themselves and to consider an empathetic approach.

Key Stage Three: Students explore traditional and contemporary geography themes and learn advanced map skills at various scales and Geographical Information Systems. They investigate different ways of presenting information and learn data analysis techniques. Exciting and engaging fieldwork in the local area becomes an integral part of the learning journey.

Key Stage Four: In preparation for their AQA Geography GCSE, students learn about natural hazard challenges, the living world, physical landscapes in the UK, urban issues and challenges, the changing economic world, and the challenge of resource management.

In geography, students discover the world’s wonders, challenges, and their role in creating a better future. In our co-curricular geography club, students become part of a community that aspires to inspire and create a lasting impact beyond the school. At Saint Felix School, geography opens doors to a world of knowledge and opportunities.


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