May 20, 2022

On Wednesday U11 Girls and Boys teams travelled to  Old Buckenham Hall school and enjoyed some cricket.

The staff were welcoming and the children had a great time.

Please read the student blogs below about their day of play:

U11 Boys Cricket Match report – student blog by Oliver

All of the players played very well even though we did not have much practice in bowling, batting and fielding.
Although nearly all of the players had a go at bowling, and tried their best, and were quite good for a first game in a while, and we definitely learned a lot from that game.
There are some things that we could improve on like communication and knowing when there is a no bowl.
Sadly, we did lose but everyone went home with a smile on their faces, and we all had a great time.
After all, we want to thank Old Buckingham School for having us.

U11 Girls Cricket Match report – student blog by Ava and Blythe

It was a fun afternoon with great performances from everyone in batting, bowling and fielding. The pupils who were involved in the excellent play were Clementine, Henrietta, Blythe, Ava, Sophie, Sahara, Holly and Rosabella. The girls performed exceptionally but unfortunately, we did not come with a win. However, it was a great match and afternoon nevertheless. The final score was 72-52 to Old Buckenham Hall but the girls were still not disheartened. Player of the match was awarded to Clementine and an exceptional performance in batting was awarded to Holly Love, she got a great hit and managed to score our team quite a few runs.

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